Thursday is next available pick up day. For same day pickup at the store: Please order online by 10:00 am and allow 4 hours to prepare order. After 10:00 am, orders will be ready next day. Pick up location is 1324-A Gerrard St.

For home delivery: Please order by midnight. No delivery fee or minimum order

For home delivery

Monday for Tuesday’s delivery.
Thursday for Saturday's delivery.

Delivery times: Tue 4 to 8, Saturday 10 to 2.

At store pickup

Call us from the car when curbside.
We’ll bring it to your car.


Walking or cycling to the store, call when you arrive.  Order brought to you outside.

Store hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 11 to 5

Closed Wednesday

Saturday 11 to 5

Sunday 10 to 5

Our Offerings

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Ethically Raised Meats, Roasted Chickens and Sides

“Eat less meat but eat better quality meat” We believe, people do not need to eat a large portion of meat, just the highest quality meat that they are comfortable buying.

We recommend 8oz (227g) at the most for a meal portion per person, but 5oz(140g) to 6oz(170g) should suffice. But again eat as much or as little as you feel comfortable.

Our Collections

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We Deliver Meat and Seafood!

We now offer a delivery service for our meats and goods. As well, we have partnered with Hooked on Danforth to offer a one-stop delivery opportunity!

No order minimum or deliver fee.

Place your order and pick one of the two delivery options:

Wednesday: 1pm - 5 pm
Saturday: 10am - 2 pm

For Hooked on the Danforth fish and seafood

Call them at (4164623222) to place your order.

The order deadline for a Wednesday delivery is Monday at midnight.

The order deadline for a Saturday delivery is Thursday at midnight.

Delivery map

On your delivery day,

We’ll place your order on your porch or text you from outside for a pickup. Feel free to leave a cooler outside, and we’ll deposit your order for a zero-contact delivery. Our delivery zone is West to Broadview, South to the lake, East to Victoria Park and North to O’Connor.

Stock-in-Trade, our Mission, HAPPY MEATS

Local and ethical sourced. Properly raised in a healthy manner. Hormone and stimulation-free.

At a reasonable price

for our farmers to live decently, support their families, and keep on doing the good work that of regenerative farming, for the store to provide quality meats and foods.

With knowledgeable staff

along with friendly advice on food preparation. Our staff are contagiously excited about meat, cooking, and food.


Location 1324-A Gerrard St. E. | Toronto

Hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 11am to 5pm,
Wednesday store closed, Saturday 10am to 5pm, Sunday 11am to 5pm