House-Made Sausages

Jason Becker2020-12-271 comment

Our house-made, small batch sausages are our pride and joy!

Stock-In-Trade is your East-end answer to “where’s the meat?

Jason Becker2020-12-27

Stock-In-Trade is your East-end answer to “where’s the meat?

Artisan Farms, the Bar 5 Family

Jack Becker2019-6-301 comment

Bar 5 Farms is a family run farm located in Markdale, ON in the beautiful Grey Highlands. We have a long history in breeding premium green tag verified black and red angus beef. All our beef is raised without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones and steroids, and is fed a 100% vegetarian diet. We believe in continuing the traditions of ethical, responsible animal welfare treatment and sustainable stewardship of the land.

The de Martines Family Farm, Perth Pork Products Ltd.

Jack Becker2019-5-30

Perth Pork Products Ltd.  Fred is a certified Swine Specialist with European training and experience. After extensive renovations we began the process of raising a family and top-quality pigs.  In 1992 we started our first Wild Boar herd with certified breeding stock originating in Germany and Russia. We have since added a Swedish boar to the herd.